To Stories Rumoured in Branches: An Exhibition of the Works of Rollie Mukherjee, 2017

“For me the body of the Kashmiri men and women are the prime site of history, pain, agony, repression, torture, resistance and revolt [which] are inscribed in their mind and bodies. The Kashmiri woman in most of my works, who has undergone atrocities imaginable and unimaginable, becomes leitmotif” – Rollie Mukherjee

Rollie Exhibition Poster

Rollie Mukherjee is a Baroda-based artist who uses multiple mediums and knowledge sources to narrate the long-drawn political conflict in Kashmir. She builds visual narratives from stories, poems and newspaper reportage, compelling the viewer to engage with histories of violence. The figure of the mother, desolate landscapes and feminine motifs bear a special significance in her works.


TENT hosted the exhibition during 20th-23rd January in collaboration with People’s Film Collective and Conflictorium, Ahmedabad.

The show was curated by Conflictorium|Museum of Conflict, Ahmedabad.

People’s film Collective is an independent, autonomous, people-funded cultural-political collective based in West Bengal. It organizes an annual film festival, called ‘Kolkata People’s Film Festival’. The exhibition was part of the 2017 edition of the festival.