TENT: The Idea of an Alternative Space

The acronym TENT (Theatre for Experiments in New Technologies) is drawn from the notion of a mobile and variable space. The idea of ‘alternative’ grows from the urge to locate (audio-) visual arts beyond the white cube and outside theatrical spaces. TENT is an open space which nurtures inflow and outflow of disparate art forms, artists, and thought. The self-funded project, running on personal contributions, not only supports multiple processes of image-making, but offers an other viewing experience, which confers with the public and places. TENT is currently located in a residential area, in Kolkata — in the house of the historian R. C. Majumdar.

Disclaimer: TENT is not an auditorium. The term ‘theatre’ suggests a place where action takes place. The space is not available for hire. TENT primarily collaborates with independent organisations (and sometimes with artists exploring alternative mediums and forms), and prefers works which facilitate or extend problematics of mediated arts.

Tent space
Performance Art Festival, 2015