Rhythms of the Stolen Songs


“Peoples or objects, which Raju Patel depict are not in any way ‘pretty’. They come from his own understanding beneath the colours of Brahminical glasses. His works seem to be tonally altered and slightly muddied set of basic colours which concurs with his perspective of owning slightly different body structure, and a slightly removed social address. His works have exhibited a micro level consciousness about otherness and its worldly presence. Rather than being exotic, his characters appear deeply grounded to us. To him their everyday lives and tribulations  are worthy of a micro level attention and contemplation, and a splendid source of spiritual and material plenitude that comes from a long tradition of joyous and spiritual existence”.



TENT’s statement:

“While agreeing to host Raju Patel’s works we were aware that it is outside our framework of  experimentations with ‘new technologies’. However, we are certainly interested in exploring the interplay between ‘old’ and ‘new’ media. Moreover, Raju Bhai’s works provoke further debates around art, practice and praxis. We are interested in exhibiting so-called ‘paintings’, which initiate further debates on subjects of ‘marginality’ and ‘liminality'”.