LITTLE CINEMA since 2014

TENT Little Cinema International Festival — for experimental films and new media art — is organised by artists who want to tackle the expanding technological field, its multiple applications, and bifurcations. It considers the renewed relationship between cinema, technology and political action.

The term “Little Cinema”, however, does not imply “small” budget films or “short” films, and it certainly doesn’t mean films for “young adults”, though it tangentially refers to emergent practices of watching films on small screens. The notion of “Little Cinema” is drawn from the vibrant Little Magazine culture across territories, which involves publication of a plethora of journals every month, and those which largely align with radical and liberal ideologies, and continue to be a potent symbol of alternative undertakings, and outside commercialised media. Moreover, it suggests that cinema is not produced in segregated manner, rather, it transpires in relation to other forms.

While artistic experiments with the moving-images is not new, nevertheless, the arrival of the video virtually destabilised the medium itself as it altered certain primary perceptions regarding the frame, tonality, colour, clarity and density of the image, and more importantly, the “sanctity” of image and sound. Furthermore, with the wide proliferation of digital technology across Asia(s) and Global-South, our negotiations with the image and sound, and processes image-making have been reinvented.

Little Cinema International Festival presents narratives and images of the rapidly transforming everyday, neighbourhoods, cities, and political landscapes; as well as of self-hood, belonging, suffering and survival. TENT and Little Cinema International Festival generate spaces for dialogues, both — within the filmic text, and in the contexts in which these are shown.