Jago Hua Savera : a trans-national screening

Simultaneous Screening Across Borders

All screenings on: Sunday, 8th April 2018.

All times local (synchronised in actual time)

At — *Chittagong*/ *Dhaka*/ *Kolkata*/ *Delhi*/ *Mumbai*/ *Karachi*/ 


Filmed in 1958 on the banks of the River Meghna, in the village Saitnol some 50 kms from Dhaka, based on a pre-independence modernist Bengali classic by Manik Bandopadhyay, with an Urdu screenplay and lyrics by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, music by Timir Baran, photography by Walter Lassally, direction by AJ Kardar with Zahir Raihan and Shanti Kumar Chatterji as assistant directors, Nauman Taseer as producer, and featuring Tripti Mitra from IPTA among a cast of amateur actors and locals, *Jago Hua Savera’s* reception has been repeatedly thwarted by censorial politics, even amid its rediscovery as a humanist classic and collaborative venture across nation-made lines.
This was an attempt to renew and continue dialogues beyond boundaries, borders & across rivers which flow as life-lines through troubled geographies.