Curation: City of Dread

Ismail 2

(‘Ismail’ by Ansuman Chakraborty, 2018, was developed by Madhuja Mukherjee during a workshop organised by German Consulate, Kolkata )

Madhuja Mukherjee curated a programme titled CITY OF DREAD, comprising four experimental films, for the W:OW Project. In the curatorial note she wrote:

Calcutta has been a site of reconstruction since its inception, a thoroughfare of historical-political strife, and a city of ‘migrants’, from the times colonial powers overtook three villages, uprooted its inhabitants and built the capital of British Empire. During 19th century Calcutta emerged as a powerful port city, with marked spaces such as ‘White Town’ and ‘Black Town’, traces of which still remain in certain localities, on the streets, and in collective public memory. Calcutta is a city where, through the 20th century, some of the most intense crises of social history were played out –around colonialism, nationalism, partition of Bengal, suffering, refugeehood, along side its intense articulation through various art forms. A hot-bed of forceful Left struggles since 1930s, the city has transformed rapidly during 21st century, after Global economy, cultures, and media became pertinent and pervasive. ‘City of Dread’, thus, looks closely at the contemporary shifts and negotiations, as experienced by researchers, artists, writers, filmmakers and its citizens.

This “collaboration” signified an intense exchange of ideas and artistic projects, which traveled between independent organisations and across borders. It shows how TENT has become a part of the processes that build networks between fringe groups located around the globe.