2nd Little Cinema International Festival

Collaboration with Difference Screen

Difference Screen ‘explores how the dynamics of place, landscape, identity and culture find expression in artists’ film and video’. Films curated by Difference Screen, for example, Inger Lise Hansen’s (Norway) Travelling Fields (8:40 mins) is an impressive example. The encounter with a space that is turned upside down – sky and clouds under one’s feet, and the barren land above us – is a riveting one. The stop-motion cinematography, which makes the images move in quick successions, draws attention to a vanishing landscapes; while, the uncanny movement of a lonesome dry grass forces a new engagement with a world that is transforming violently following war and erosion produced by rapid industrialization. The columns, or the relics of development, seem to collapse over of the viewers as it were, and thereby, impose upon them a fresh understanding of contemporary political-economic-cultural crises. Likewise, the starkness and stillness of the black and white images in Heba Amin’s (Egypt)
 My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day (6:18 mins), which is juxtaposed with intense cries and whispers regarding Egypt, convey that a new mode of looking and retelling is emerging. Moreover, spaces/ places/ dilapidated buildings seem to bear the wounds and marks of war, political turmoil and bloodbath. A similar thing may also be suggested about Meng Yeh Chou’s (Taiwan)
 Tournant (00:39 mins) that, urges the viewer to look at the location through a screen that is slowly catching fire. Who is looking and at what one wonders, as the camera frantically moves 360 degrees. Indeed, the world of cinema is churning, and excavating personal/political imagery, which inform us that ‘difference’ is a new form of assertion and articulation, and that a new history of politics and culture is in the making.

Premiere of The Common Task (2015, Pallavi Paul & Sahej Rahal)

The Common Task is an experimental HD video film on the Mars One project, which aims to set up the first human settlement in Mars. It is about the proposition of a one-way trip to Mars, and explores the philosophical possibilities of interplanetary travel. Woven around the stories of two applicants who want to make this journey, the film includes scientific reports, plans, charts, and personal journals, interspersed with interviews with future astronauts. The project was made possible by the grant the artist duo received under the Arts Practice programme of India Foundation for the Arts, with support from Sir Ratan Tata Trust.

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